Today is an enigmatic time for conservative Christians in America and indeed throughout the Western world. Earlier President Trump expressed his concerns in August 2019 about the bias of social media platforms and search engines such as Google against conservatives and Christians. The President hinted that regulatory oversight maybe warranted to impact how they moderate their platforms and interact with those who hold views contrary to the liberal Big Tech elite.

John Nolte of Breitbart recently reported “Chick-fil-A is not even hiding the fact it is selling out its faith for a buck, choosing money over Christianity.” Formerly at the behest of its now deceased founder Truett Cathy, the restaurant chain enjoyed the goodwill of Christian Americans for the practice of closing on Sunday, the traditional Christian sabbath, allowing his workers the opportunity for religious observance. The restaurant also financially supported a number of Christian charities, but recently relented support for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes under pressure from progressive activists.

Matthew Continetti of the American Enterprise Institute penned an insightful article entitled: “Woke capitalism is a sign of things to come.” Therein Continetti offers a persuasive polemic against a phenomenon dubbed “woke capitalism” that may loosely be defined as the efforts of major corporations to subordinate their business interests to furtherance of progressive social engineering agendas. From Facebook to Google to NBA to Nike, all of these businesses sing hosannas to “social justice” and woke “progressive ideology.” Make no mistake, these businesses have hypocritically issued threatening letters holding state legislatures hostage under the threat of economic blackmail dictating their desired social agendas, all the while they hypocritically submit to the dictates of Red China’s Communist Party government in shaping their corporate policies around the totalitarian dictatorship’s desired-for political correctness. In the case of Big Tech, they even help secure Red China’s state policies of censorship, and then go to lengths to defend their actions. As Matthew Continetti notes, “Given the cultural power of the new progressivism, protests from conservatives weigh little in the balance.”

As an American, I enjoy freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights, such as freedom of speech and religion. In Europe at the behest of Democratic Socialists and Labour Parties, they’ve introduced in essence what amounts to Thought Crimes. People can be prosecuted and jailed for instance for homeschooling their children or evangelizing on an open street, and sharing the Christian Gospel. In the United States, we’re posed with the very geniune risk that as a deepening culture of political correctness ensues, individuals in this malaise will be susceptible to retaliation and conformist corporate culture about views held in their private lives. The government itself as onerous as it can be at times may not be the primary purveyor of this abuse, but rather private corporations. I have decided not to compartmentalize my traditional conservatism nor faith in Christianity, but embrace a degree of transparency. I also consciously avoid living in the vicinity of hardcore liberal enclaves such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, or Seattle. I believe I can articulate and defend my faith in apologetic, persuasive and conciliatory terms (2 Timothy 2:24-25). Much the same can be said of my politics. My business persona doesn’t go out of its way to reference my private Christian faith and conservative views in business on any regular basis, nor do I go out of my way to scrub my private life and omit reference to my faith either. My concern at work is work. I am a Christian foremost, and an American in my national allegiance, and a traditional conservative. I typically find consolation when working with or for conservative Christians.

But I fear the future of a conformist corporate culture that starts to make demands and impositions upon people’s private lives while impugning my pro-life traditional Christian views, my faith, and my patriotism as an American. I just have to grin and bear the future. But I do so without much in the way of optimism for the future. Much of the current events worries me about the emergence of the global anti-culture, and overbearing political correctness afflicting the Christian Church, the United States of America, and the West today.

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