The Bible Project: This video traces the idea of humans as co-rulers alongside God, who are commissioned to develop the world and its resources and take it into new horizons. How has this human vocation been compromised by our selfishness and evil, and how did Jesus open up a new way of being human through his life, death, and resurrection?

Imago Dei is the Latin transliteration of the aphorism, “Image of God,” as found in the Old Testament Book of Genesis in the grand divine creation narrative. This term “Image of God” is defined as the metaphysical expression rooted in mankind’s likeness to their Creator God, and it is associated uniquely to human beings, and it carries enormous weight given that humans were created in the “image of God.” This aphorism also signifies the profound spiritual, tangible, and symbolical connections between God and humanity. The phrase has its origins in Genesis 1:27, wherein “God created man in his own image. . .” This biblical passage implicates that humans are created in the image of God in their moral, spiritual, and intellectual essence. Accordingly all created humans reflect God’s divine nature in their ability to achieve the unique characteristics with which they have been endowed by their Creator. Mankind stands distinct from the creatures of the animal kingdom in this regard. It’s why man’s soul is precious and must be committed to God in this fallen world that man may partake of God’s forgiveness and redemption of fallen mankind.

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