Deplatform Twitter

I have opted to leave Twitter for the foreseeable future. Rather than delete my account, I will render it idle, cease posting and viewing it, and likewise cease linking my personal home page to my Twitter profile, and remove the accompanying social media icon.

My rationale is simple. The platform is run by a radical left-wing CEO that has a pronounced bias against those outside of his progressive left-wing worldview, and he embraces biased censorship. His company has habitually censored conservative (and even libertarian) voices, including the President of the United States no less than the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on flimsy pretexts and there is usually biased obfuscation in Twitter’s perverted rationales for their censorship. I would even tender that whatever content policies social media companies may have in place, government leaders’ means of communicating should be public knowledge, transparent, and not subject to these arbitrary biased rules when they utilize social media platforms. As such, I see no need to dignify the platform as legitimate and propose #WalkawayFromTwitter. I hope disruptive innovation will give rise to new alternatives to social media apart from Facebook and Twitter, both of which have storied history of suppressing conservative voices.

I support public policy efforts to mitigate against Big Tech censorship of mainstream political content, and beyond exclusion of profanity and obscenity, there is no reasonable basis for their censorship.

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