My Reformation Study Bible, ed. by R.C. Sproul, Sr., (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1995) offers an exposition upon “Christ the Mediator” (p. 1910). Therein it notes:

The New Testament teaches that Jesus was entirely free from sin (John 8:46; 2 Cor. 5:21; Heb. 4:15; 7:25; 1 Pet. 2:22; 1 John 3:5). This assertion means not only that He never disobeyed His Father, but that He loved God’s law and found whole-hearted joy in keeping it. In fallen human beings there is always some reluctance to obey God, and sometimes resentment amounting to hatred at the claims He makes on us (Rom. 8:7). But Jesus’ moral nature was unfallen, as was Adam’s prior to his sin, and in Jesus there was no prior inclination away from God for Satan to exploit, as there is in us. Jesus loved His Father and His Father’s will with all His heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Heb. 4:15 says that Jesus was “in all points tempted as we are,” though without sinning. The temptations we face–temptations to wrongfully engage in natural desires, to evade moral and spiritual issues, to cut moral corners and take easy ways out, to be less than loving, and sympathetic to others, to be self-centered and lost in self-pity–all these came upon Jesus, but He yielded to none of them (see “The Humanity of Jesus” at 2 John 7.) In Gethsemane and on the Cross He fought temptation and resisted sin to the point of death. Christians must learn from Him to do likewise (Luke 14:25-33; Heb. 12:3-13).

For our salvation it was necessary that Jesus be free from sin. He was “a lamb without blemish and without spot,” able to offer His “precious blood for us” (1 Pet. 1:19). If He had been sinful He would have needed a savior Himself, and His death would not have helped us. Christ obeyed on our behalf the moral commandments applying to all humanity. He also fulfilled all the will of God applying to Him in particular, as the One called to be the Messiah. His perfect obedience qualifies Him to be our all-sufficient Savior.

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