The Corded Ware Culture

Dan Davis Author narrates this informative video on the early Indo-European people of the Corded Ware Culture.

“The Corded Ware culture existed between c. 3000 BC – c. 2300 BC, spanning the late Neolithic, through the Copper Age, and the early Bronze Age. The name Corded Ware comes from the cord-like impressions on their pottery. They encompassed a vast area, from the Rhine on the west to the Volga in the east, occupying parts of Northern Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. They were descended from Western Steppe Herders populations (like the Yamnaya) who moved into Neolithic Europe and merged with the farming populations from the Globular Amphora culture and the Funnelbeaker culture. These people were, to one extent or another, ancestral to all northern European people from the Baltic to the Atlantic.”

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