This blog archive is a memorial to content originally curated on the main Ryan Setliff Online page under the Historian section from 2020 through December 15th, 2021:

Video Above: Epic History TV – “Russia” – Five episode documentary on Russia from Rurik to the Revolution of the Bolsheviks.

Video Above: “How Rus Survived Mongols and Crusaders – Rise of Novgorod” – Historical animated documentary series on the history of Kievan Rus continues with an episode on the aftermath of the Mongol Invasion of Rus, the northern Rus attempt to keep their independence, fighting off the Crusader threat from the west and trying to placate the Mongols to the south. This episode focuses on Prince Alexander Nevsky, the Republic of Novgorod, and the battle of Ice of 1242, as we try to explain how the Rus survived between the Teutons and the Khans of the Golden Horde.
Kings and Generals – “Battle of Kulikovo 1380 – Rus-Mongol Wars” | animated historical documentary on the history of the Mongols, continues with a video on the late Golden Horde, as Mami and Tokthamysh wrestle for power, while the Rus princes led by Dmitri Donskoi rise in a rebellion peaking in the epic battle of Kulikovo in 1380.
Video Above: Kings and Generals – “How the Rus Became Christian – Vladimir the Great” – Kings and Generals’ historical animated documentary series on the history of Kievan Rus continues with an episode on the reign of Vladimir the Great. This video will cover how he came to power, alliances with the Vikings, wars with Byzantium and the Turks, and Christianization of Rus that happened during his time.
Video Above: Kings and Generals – “Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus” – The new Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series will cover the history of Russia, starting with the ancient origins of the Slavs, formation of the early Eastern Slavic states, how the Varyag (Varangians) Vikings led by Rurik took over these states and started to expand towards Byzantium and the Khazars.

Russian Leaders

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