Byzantine History and Culture

This blog archive is a memorial to content originally curated on the main Ryan Setliff Online page under the Medievalist section from 2020 through December 18th, 2021:

Video Above: ‘TedEd’ – The Rise and Fall of the Byzantine Empire explained in an animated video documentary.
Video Above: ‘Kings and Generals’ – ‘Bulgar-Byzantine Wars’ – An animated historical documentary series about the Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars covers the battle of Pliska (Varbitsa) pass between the Roman emperor Nikephoros I and the Khan Krum of the Bulgarian Empire. 
Video Above: ‘Kings and Generals’ – ‘Varangians – Elite Bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperors’ – An animated historical documentary series on the armies and tactics of the past with a video on the Varangians, who served as the elite bodyguards of the emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire. These loyal and skilled warriors, mostly of the Norse and Saxon ancestry saved the emperors on many occasions, both in battles and in peace.
Video aboveKings and Generals – “Great Schism: The Bitter Rivalry Between Greek and Latin Christianity.” – We will talk about the rivalry between the Catholic and Orthodox churches in the Middle Ages and how it shaped the history of Christianity and the whole world leading to the events of the Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople.
Video above: ‘Kings and Generals’ – Fall Of Constantinople 1453 – Ottoman Wars

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