Medieval English Warfare

This blog archive is a memorial to content originally curated on the main Ryan Setliff Online page under the Medievalist section from 2020 through December 18th, 2021:

Image Above: ‘History Time’ – ‘The Lost History of the North’ – ‘Thored, Oslac & Yorvik’ – The North of northern England was brutal, unforgiving place of conflict between Angles, Britons, Danes, and Saxons.
Video Above: ‘Kings and Generals’ animated historical animated documentary series on the medieval battles continue with a coverage of the battle of Bouvines of 1214. In the aftermath of the Third Crusade and the death of the king of England Richard Lionheart, French king Philip II Augustus attempts to restore his authority over France, but this forces the English king John I Lackland and the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Otto IV to ally against him, leading to another Anglo-French war and the battle of Bouvines. The battle had a dramatic influence on European history.
In this new Kings and Generals animated historical documentary, we will cover the Wars of the Roses, describing one of the first Civil Wars in English history. The Hundred Years’ War is over and the descendants of Edward III now divided into the houses of Lancaster, York, and Tudor will fight for the crown. This video features the battles of St. Albans, Wakefield, Towton, Barnet, Tewkesbury, Bosworth and Stoke Field.

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