Ottoman-Portuguese War – Age of Colonization

“Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the history of the Ottoman Empire, continues with a video on the Ottoman-Portuguese wars, as the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Portugal fight for dominance over the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In this video, we cover the early Portuguese conquests in India and their clash against the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt at Diu in 1508, as well as the battle of Diu of 1538, Ethiopian–Adal war and the battle of Wayna Daga of 1543, Ottoman-Portuguese conflict over the Arabian peninsula 1552–1554, battle of Diu 1546 and the battle of Ksar-el-Kebir (Alcácer Quibir) of 1578. More videos on the Age of Colonization are on the way!”

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