The First Crusade (1096-1099)

Video Above: ‘Epic History’ – ‘First Crusade Part 1 of 2′ – The First Crusade was one of the most remarkable, bleeding and huge scenes in medieval history. It started with an intrigue for help from the Christian Byzantine Empire, compromised by the rising intensity of the Muslim Seljuk Turks. Be that as it may, when Pope Urban II lectured a lesson at Clermont in 1095, the outcome was not normal for anything at any point seen previously. The Pope offered profound salvation to those ready to go east to help their kindred Christians in a sacred war, and help free Jerusalem from Muslim standard. Knights and laborers the same joined in their thousands, prompting the tragic People’s Crusade, at that point to a considerably more composed and ground-breaking Princes’ Crusade. Their powers accumulated at Constantinople, where they made an uncomfortable union with Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus. Entering Anatolia, they assisted with winning back the city of Nicaea, at that point won a definitive however hard-battled triumph at Dorlyaeum, before walking on the extraordinary city of Antioch…
Video above: ‘Epic History TV’ – Animated video documentary on the First Crusade continues with the Siege of Antioch. The Crusaders endure immense hardships outside the city walls, but finally take Antioch thanks to a ruse by Bohemond of Taranto. Against the odds, and inspired by their recent discovery of a relic believed to be the ‘Holy Lance’, the Crusaders then defeat the Seljuk army of Kur Burgha. After disagreements within the Crusader camp, the army finally moves on to Jerusalem in the spring of 1099. During a full-scale assault of the city walls, Godfrey of Bouillon’s troops gain a foothold in the defences, and Crusader troops pour into the city. A bloodbath follows. Victory results in the creation of four Crusader states, but their existence is precarious, surrounded by hostile Muslim powers, who will one day return with a vengeance.
RCH’s classic documentary on the First Crusade revised and updated. From the Battle of Dorylaeum to the Siege of Antioch, to the taking of Jerusalem, the First Crusade greatly impacted the medieval world, and essentially launched the broader Crusades movement. Bohemond, Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred, and other important figures appear in all their glory.
New Kings and Generals animated historical animated documentary series on the First Crusade starts off with a prelude video covering the situation in the Byzantine empire after the death of Basil II, including courtly intrigues, coups and civil wars. We will talk about the rise of the Seljuk sultanate, the Eastern Roman response to it and the ascension of Romanos IV to the throne and battle of Manzikert fought in 1071 between the Roman Emperor and the Seljuk sultan Alp Arslan.
Kings and Generals animated historical animated documentary series on the First Crusade continued with the aftermath of the battle of Manzikert of 1071 (https://youtu.be/JkyYjpYLORI) where the Eastern Roman Empire’s army led by Romanos was defeated by the Seljuk army of Alp Arslan. We will cover a number of Byzantine civil wars, and the battles of Zombos Bridge and Kalavrye, which led to the rise of Alexios I and his Komnenos dynasty.

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