Why is there a false sense of confidence that Biden’s chances of ‘winning’ are not fading?

“Texas Case Would Get ‘Fair Hearing’ in Supreme Court: Kevin Freeman” December 10, 2020 – I do first note the irony of the headline since stating “Biden’s chances of ‘winning’ are fading” mirrors an opposite view tendered by the mass-media that Trump’s second term is without hope. It’s well established left-leaning corporate mainstream media like […]

On the futility of third party activism in the United States

I am de facto a Republican and a conservative. I have through the years expressed much disdain with what an imperfect vehicle, the Grand Old Party, is in American politics. When the party was founded in the 1860s, the GOP party ringleaders marched through my home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, plundering, pillaging, and setting […]