Weekend Politics Brief – Saturday 16. Jan 2021.

With America more polarized then ever, I found these news articles and op-eds to be most newsworthy. [They’re chronologically ordered by name of the publication, and secondarily on the basis of the publication date.] The American Thinker. The Totalitarian Left Moves to Silence All Dissent (16 Jan. 2021). The American Thinker. On the Road to […]

1,000+ Red Chinese PLA intelligence operatives caught red-handed in the U.S. influencing ‘Biden transition team’

The American media are inexplicably silent, but the controlled corporate media tends to cover Biden the way a protection racket does. Recent events point to foreign interference in the American election by the Chinese Communists, and/or collusion with corrupt American insiders deferential to Democratic Party political victories in obtaining key federal political offices in the […]

“Has China’s Communist Party Interfered in the U.S. Election?”—Gen. Robert Spalding

“China has been involved in election interference this cycle, both the presidential race and all the way down the ballot,” Christopher Whyte, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s homeland security and emergency preparedness program. Adding, “There are direct ‘election hacking’ efforts that attempt to either directly or indirectly target the vote, by hacking into polling […]